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CONSULTANCY - Technical consultancy

Our technique department develops studies, projects and technical assistance.
Al of it make by professionals qualified and is directed towards to the achievement the best output to your vineyards.
Grapevine Nursery VIDNACOM offers the following services to their customer:

- Advising in the selection of material clone and rootstocks.
- Graft plant on order.
- Analysis of soils.
- Analysis of plagues and diseases.
- Amendment programs and fertilising.
- Recommendation of control of plagues, bacterial diseases and herbs ADVENTICIAS.
- Development projects.
- Valuation and evaluation of vine-growing plantation.
- Economic Studies.
- Studies and evaluations of environmental impact.

Request the free technical assistance of our specialists in vineyards plantation through our Technical Manager, Lucía, contacting him by our contact page or by the mobile phone +34 649 108 275.


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