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The huge genetic diversity that can be found in the vitis kind, as well as the complex productivity process of the vine plants, where takes part a great number of factors make that NURSERY VIDNACOM SL dedicates part of their resources in R&D.

Currency NURSERY VIDNACOM SL works in different projects of research and experimentation.

1.- Varietal clones and sanitary selection of black grapes.
2.- Varietal clones and sanitary selection of white grapes.
3.- Varietal clones and sanitary selection of root-stocks.
4.- Comparison of clones of red Grenache.
5.- Comparison of clones of Tempranillo.
6.- Root-stocks evaluation of the Grenache variety.
7.- Root-stocks evaluation of the Tempranillo variety.
8.- Root-stocks evaluation of the Verdejo variety.
9.- Evaluation of the different fungicides treatments for the Wood mushroom control.

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